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The production of an audio book is a nice way of slowing down in the midst of a sometimes hectic and fast paced every day life, which isn't to say that we don't take these kind of productions seriously. Quite the contrary! But having a professional voice talent read an exciting and gripping story to you is admittedly a very pleasant way of spending the day in the recording studio. We at Film and Voice regularly produce voice recordings for all sorts of audio books from different genres in our dubbing studio in Cologne .

Hörbuchsprecher Michael Borgard im Aufnahmeraum

The whole audio book package

We at Film and Voice like to offer the whole audio book package, meaning we cast the right voice for the project and schedule the recording with the actors for the session in our dubbing recording studio in Cologne. What's more we manage the edit as well as the mixing and mastering of the audio book and deliver the finished tracks straight to the publisher in the required format. While doing that we focus on precise directing during the recording session in our studio to avoid any mistakes and unnecessary retakes. Out huge network of versatile voice talents guarantees that we find the suitable voice for you audio book.

Recent audio book production of ours

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Recording studio for German audio books

We have had the pleasure of recording and production a fair amount of audio books in our sound studio. Sometimes we book professional voice talents to voice the audio book but other times it may also be the authors themselves reading their own book. As a German recording studio for audio books we at Film and Voice are open to any sort of concept.

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