It's all in the mix!

To make the best our of your preceding voice recording your track needs to mixed in order to achieve the perfect sound. That applies to the dubbing a of movie or tv series as well as to audio books. But even seemingly small audio projects such as an e-learning or corporate production can be boosted in its quality if the mixing has been done seriously and professionally. What's more the edit and final cut must be done precisely to make for a satisfying end result. We at Film and Voice offer the full post production package ranging from edit through the mix up to the mastering of your production.

Schnitt unterwegs

German dubbing

A very special challenge but more so exciting to work on is the professional mix of a dubbing production. By using filters and sound effect we get to create rooms and reverbs that help to acoustically move the voice into different stages and ambience. With the help of echos or delays for instance it helps to make the audio melt with the original footage and make it come to life. The adaption of the volume of the single tracks and the use of high quality plug-ins help to lift the sound quality to a professional level.

But not only in dubbing projects the vocals together with the music and sound effects are being mixed and edited. The same goes for similarly complex projects like audio plays, exciting audio books, commercials and all the other genres.

Fader und bunte Knöpfe auf einem Mischpult

Mixing a children's animation series

Play Video about BabyBorn

Custom mixing

We create a professional mix for your production according to national and international standards. You can trust in our audio engineers' years of experience in producing audiovisual content for film, cinema, tv, radio, social media and Spotify. We at Film and Voice are constantly in communication to you the client and even offer you to sit in on the mixing session via online connection. We create mixes ranging from stereo to 5.1. In special cases we also offer Dolby Atmos. Our mixing software of choice and common recording for when we have professional voice talents on our microphones is Steinberg Nuendo. Upon request we are happy to work with you on different software like ProTools or Logic.

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