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We are Film and Voice - a German audio production company from Cologne working in the art of dubbing of movies, tv series and video games as well as the fields of audio books, voicing over corporate and commercial projects. and everything in between and beyond. As a Cologne based German dubbing studio we serve our clients in all phases of the production, from the approach of their ideas along the actual dubbing recordings and post production up until the finalization and publishing. Casting and scheduling, translation and localization, recording and mixing - we are able and willing!

Die Kölner Skyline mit Dom und blauem Himmel
Dubbing studio in the city of Cologne, Germany

Dubbing of all kind

As a German dubbing studio we dedicate our time especially to the adaption of movies, tv series and video games. We dub motion pictures and tv series from various languages into German. We begin by translating the script or screenplay from that other language into a German version fit for German audiences. Then we adapt this script to fit the lips and visuals of the original footage by creating an elaborate dubbing script. Knowing all the roles and characters of the film we proceed in casting professional voice actors from our data base to later record them in our German dubbing studio in Cologne.

The German adaptation and localization of video games is among our services, too. Even if the various tasks and phases of the process differ a little from the conventional dubbing of a movie, we are working on them just as hard and accurate to complete a successful project.

Dubbing the motion picture: Spree

Play Video about Der Schriftzug des Films Spree

Dubbed documentary: Dominion

Play Video about Eine Kuh auf dem Post des Films Dominion

Recording studio in Cologne, Germany

Our German dubbing studio is situated in the heart of Ehrenfeld, the most beautiful part of Cologne. What makes it so unique and special the fresh atmosphere with daylight combined with our recording rooms which were drafted and built by professional acousticians. High-end recording tech rounds up the features of our dubbing studio. Here we regularly produce voice recordings for audio books, the dubbing for various mediums and many more audio formats. Plus we have a great network of partner studios in our close vicinity that we can rely on if the production requires it.

Eine Nahaufnahme eines Neumann Mikrofons im Studioraum des schönen Synchronstudios in Köln


Synchronsprecher Michael Borgard in seinem eigenen Tonstudio

Founded on experience

Founder of the German dubbing company Film and Voice is Cologne born Michael Borgard. He has made a name for himself in the voice actor and dubbing business over many years. And he has a great variety of experience and completed projects to show for it. What's more Michael is a trained digital media designer for audio and video productions which makes him a great asset in any sort of recording session or production phase.

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