Immersion through localisation

The Cologne dubbing studio Film and Voice produced high quality localisation and professional dubbing for video and computer games.It needs to be said that the localisation of a game is a completely different kind of ball game as the dubbing of a feature film. Video games have the ambition to full-fill an immersive effect, the player wants to be sucked into the games atmosphere as deep as possible. To achieve this effect and all-round experience it is absolutely essential to deliver an error-free and high class localisation and dubbing of the video game . Because the gamers will rapidly be thrown out of their gaming experience if the German localisation and voices irritate or even annoys them.

Verschiedene Retro-Gamecontroller

Diligence and passion

We localise your video game into the German language and guarantee a smooth process of the production. Film and Voice stands for reliable project management, well thought-out and meticulous translation of the script and of course - the most entertaining part of the production - high quality voice recordings with versatile voice talents. We have already had the pleasure of getting to work on numerous German localisations for high-caliber video games in our German dubbing studio in Cologne. A solid German dubbing of a video game needs to be done with great care and the right amount of passion.

Video games we collaborated on

Eine Nahaufnahme eines Neumann Mikrofons im Studioraum des schönen Synchronstudios in Köln

Professional sound for the best gaming experience

Video games are very different from one another. Every single one of them catapults the gamer into a new world and reality. Thus the requirements to the German localisation of a game differ from project to project. In our German dubbing studio in Cologne we are prepared and ready for anything that comes our way during the dubbing of a video game. By using a variety of high-end microphones we create the perfect sound in order to achieve the necessary immersion into the game. Our huge pool of professional and talented voice actors guarantees that we find the suitable voice for any specific type of role and character. Our lovely recording space even allows voice actors to play along side of each other if the production requires it. Fun at work is a very important tool in our every day studio life here at Film and Voice.

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