Dubbing with precision

Dubbing a feature film, a tv series or a video game is a very special kind of art. It is always astonishing how well a good dub can fit onto its original source material. Though that can only achieved when tight precision effort and the love for detail is applied during the production process. Because one thing is clear:

You only notice the dubbing of a film when it's done badly.

We at Film and Voice have made it our mission as a German dubbing studio in Cologne to only declare a project as finished once we rate it as perfect. Thanks to our long lasting experience in the field of dubbing feature films, the localisation of video games or the adaption of tv series we have a keen eye on what we know is going to work what will not. This makes us work very precise and professional and what's more quickly and reliably..

Synchronsprecherin in unserem Kölner Synchronstudio

Our recent German dubbing projects

The components of dubbing

The dubbing of a feature film or a series consists of many important single elements that combined make for a great end result. We at Film and Voice as a professional German dubbing studio know these individual pieces of the puzzle and take care to make them fit perfectly in the end. Even before any parts of the script have been translated the production of a dubbing project starts with separating the original footage into individual and short takes. This small bits of dialog are then translated and adapted into a lip-sync dubbing script that is being recorded in our recording studio in Cologne. If these components of separating the script, translated and adapting it into the German language have been done well and precisely the following dubbing recording in the audio studio go much smoothly and faster for the voice actors, the director and the audio engineer.

Dubbing of Canadian animation TV series

Play Video about Ein Bild zur Animationsserie Summer Memories
Der Kölner Dom vor blauem Himmel

Our creative team

Because of our many year of experience in the production of dubs and because ourGerman dubbing studio is based in the media city of beautiful Cologne we can resort to a wide network of creative and reliable colleagues. Our founder Michael Borgard is a German voice actor himself and very well connected in the voice actors' scene and counts many of his fellow dubbing voice actor among his good friends. Through past collaborations during the dubbing of movies and tv series with other recording studios in the close vicinity we are happy to be able to fall back on more friendly and professional colleagues of all fields.

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